More About Mediation

Thameside Resolutions provides workplace mediation in Surrey, workplace mediation in London and the Thames Valley. 

Workplace conflicts can create tension leading to stress for the people involved and others around them. Mediation is an effective and sustainable way of creating change and enabling colleagues to work better together. It provides a fair, constructive and speedy way of dealing with workplace issues that could otherwise become part of more formal procedures, and as such can become stressful and prolonged. Most mediation is completed in one day.

Mediation is informal, confidential and voluntary. It provides a means for reaching agreements on problem issues. Mediation allows parties to negotiate a solution themselves, rather than having one imposed on them. This means that decisions reached are likely to be successful and sustainable.

Alison has had the benefit of working closely with HR professionals and senior managers to develop and refine mediation services that are responsive both to the employee and the organisation. Recognising how conflict and tension arises in the workplace, and the impact not only on those directly involved but the wider team and colleagues, she is keen to address how this affects areas such as sickness absence, morale, motivation and effective functioning. With particular interest in this area, she highlights how mediation works positively to address both the immediate and more widespread impact.

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