Benefits of Workplace Meditation

Workplace mediation is a process which helps organisations tackle and resolve conflicts and tensions among staff in a speedy and non-threatening way. Conflict and tension exists amongst any group of people, whether it be in a family, with friends, or at work. When it's at work, it can be difficult to manage as there are expectations that people will behave in a professional and respectful way towards each other. This can be hard when people's roles are very demanding and they are feeling under pressure to perform and get the job done.

A mediator works in a way that enables people to get to the heart of the problem, that supports and empowers people to find sustainable solutions. A mediator also works closely with the organisation. Seeing things from the organsiational and business perspective is an important part of the process. 

Often what is needed is the opportunity for people to talk and listen in a way they haven’t been able to, simple but very powerful in restoring employee health and wellbeing.
Sometimes the tension is caused by more complex problems which can be difficult for people to sort out themselves, and difficult for managers to resolve. Using formal procedures is one option but results in a win/ lose situation. This is never ideal and usually takes a long time and is very worrying and stressful for those involved. People can end up going off sick. The process requires lots of management and HR input and the end result does not usually restore morale and goodwill.

Mediation helps to unpick more complex issues, look at underlying causes, understand unhealthy relationship dynamics, help staff to re-construct the issues and the relationship is a healthier way. Mediation educates people to manage their relationships more effectively, learning skills for better communication, People are empowered as they have control over the outcome, goodwill and morale is restored, solutions are long term and sustainable. The process is quicker (one day), and cheaper with the aim being that employees are at work and functioning effectively. This is all good for business. 

The benefits of mediation include:
  • Better working relationships;
  • Sustainable solutions to conflict at work;
  • A happier workforce;
  • Improved morale;
  • Reduced stress at work;
  • Reduced need for using formal procedures;
  • Improved productivity;
  • Reduced sickness absence;
  • Cost effective;
  • Good reputation as employer taking employee wellbeing seriously.
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