How does meditation work?

  • Most mediation cases involving two people takes place in one day. The mediator meets each party separately to talk though the issues and explore possible options. People have a chance to be heard and not judged, but also to look at the situation from a problem solving perspective. People find this meeting very supportive, and feel prepared for the next part of the process.
  • The next part of the process is the joint meeting. The mediator supports both parties to talk and listen to each other, to identify and discuss the issues in a collaborative way. Through dialogue, the parties are guided towards solutions and by the end of the meeting, they will have made a set of agreements. These are confidential to the parties unless they agree otherwise.
  • Feedback to the referrer is discussed and agreed with the parties.
  • Ongoing support is offered by the mediator by phone/ email in the weeks following the mediation. Agreed timescales are set for when the mediator will contact the parties again to follow up on how the agreements are working.
  • Mediators will not take sides, will not judge or blame, will not tell the parties what to do, will understand that the parties may feel angry, upset, worried or frightened, and they are used to creating a safe place in which to look at problems.
  • Mediation is voluntary, it is also confidential and legally privileged. It is important that the people undertaking mediation agree to this and take part in mediation in good faith.
  • It allows parties to negotiate a solution themselves, rather than having one imposed on them. This means that decisions reached are likely to be workable and adhered to.
  • It allows people to control and resolve their own disputes, which can be empowering rather than undermining.
  • Investing in mediation demonstrates willingness to support employees.
  • It addresses how people are going to communicate with each other in the future. When previous communication has been hostile or difficult, this can be extremely helpful.
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