What is Family Mediation?

Thameside Resolutions - Family Mediation in Staines, Surrey and Middlesex.

  • When you have made the decision to divorce or separate, family mediation helps you to reach agreements on the issues related to your children and all of your finances.
  • You may have already divorced or separated, and not yet fully sorted out these issues as it has been too stressful or there may have been too much conflict.

  • Family mediation provides a supportive and constructive framework to help you deal with separation or divorce and associated family issues. 

  • Mediation helps you to manage and minimise conflict, and supports you to work collaboratively with your ex partner to reach agreements on all of the issues.

  • You can avoid the time, cost and stress of going to court and using solicitors by working with a mediator.

  • Mediation can take place at any time before or after separation and whether or not legal proceedings have commenced.

  • Mediation is voluntary.

  • All discussions which take place in Mediation are “without prejudice” and are completely confidential. 

  • Mediators work in an impartial and non-judgemental way to help you and your ex partner make arrangements for your children and agree how you are going to settle your finances.

  • Mediators do not tell you what to do but help you identify and explore the different options for sorting things out, so that you reach your own agreements about arrangements for your children, what happens to the family home and all of your finances.

  • The mediator’s role is to facilitate the negotiation process impartially. You will not be told what to do, but you will be supported to discuss the issues and reach your own decisions
  • The mediator's role does not involve giving you legal advice although you will be given relevant information.
  • For more information and support if you are in the process of separating, please visit www.sortingoutseparation.org.uk

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