How does mediation work?

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

If you think that mediation could help, you will be invited to come to an introductory meeting, either alone or with your ex partner if the relationship remains amicable. At this meeting, we will cover a number of areas as follows:
Explain how mediation works.
Find out from you what the issues are that you’d like to resolve, and any relevant background information
Assess whether mediation is suitable.
Let you know about the alternatives so that you can make an informed decision about whether mediation is right for you.
Tell you how many sessions would be needed, and the total cost.

Joint Meetings

If mediation is suitable, and both you and your ex partner would like to go ahead, a series of joint meetings would then take place. This is where you meet together with the mediator to work on the issues, and look to the future in terms of making agreements. Each meeting lasts 1.5 hours, and generally take place on a fortnightly basis. 

Where the issues relate to arrangements for your children only or finances only, you may need around 3 sessions. Where you are making plans for both finances and the arrangements for your children, you may need around 4 - 6 sessions. 

After each meeting, your mediator will send you a meeting summary which documents what you've discussed and any agreed actions before the next meeting. There is no extra charge for this, and this helps keep you on track of where you and your ex partner are, and preparation needed before your next meeting.

When you have completed mediation and reached your proposals, these will be documented in detail by the mediator into your ‘Memorandum of Understanding.’ Your financial disclosure will be drawn up into your ‘Open Financial Statement.’

What issues are covered in mediation?

In mediation, you can discuss all of the issues relating to your divorce or separation, and reach agreements on these rather than using a solicitor or going through the court. These issues include:
Who will petition for divorce and on what grounds.
How and when to tell the children.
How to divide all of the joint and separate assets and liabilities such as the family home, pensions, debts.
Child support arrangements. 

Spousal support arrangements.
What the arrangements for the children will be - where they will live, contact arrangements, holidays, important decisions such as education and health needs.
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