Why Choose Family Mediation?

Here are some of the reasons why family mediation is a positive choice. 
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  • Mediation is the most cost effective and time efficient way to make plans for your children and finances after separation or divorce. 
  • It offers you the opportunity to discuss all of the options, and for you to be in charge of the decisions that you make regarding your children and your financial future.
  • Mediators are skilled in handling conflict, so that the process between you and your ex partner is less stressful.
  • It may improve relations and communication between you both and reduce tension and hostility.
  • Mediators listen to you and help you to listen to each other.
  • well as giving information on the legal and financial aspects of separation and divorce, mediators will help you to understand the emotional impact.
  • Your plans and agreements will be written up in detail in mediation
  • Mediation works well alongside independent legal advice. The agreements you make in mediation can be made legally binding through a simple legal process. 
  • The expense and time of going through solicitors and attending court is avoided.

For more information about family mediation please visit www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk

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