Further Information

Legal Advice

At certain points during mediation, you will be encouraged to seek independent legal advice. It is important for you to get some legal advice on the most likely outcome should matters go to court as this will help you negotiate your financial settlement in mediation and ensure that you are making fully informed decisions.

Family Mediation and Legislation

The Government is encouraging the use of Family Mediation. From 22nd April 2014 there was a change in the Law making it compulsory for divorcing and separating couples to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before they apply for a court order. CLICK HERE for more information

The aim is that people find out how mediation works and can consider this as a cheaper and less stressful option. Once in the court process, things become much more adversarial and prolonged. Courts will be required to know that mediation has been considered before they are able to proceed with an application.
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